Vaping ? Whats all the fuss about ?

I’m sure by now most people have grown accustomed to seeing folks sucking on electronic devices and blowing out huge plumes of smoke. Whether it’s in Sandton or Cape Town, vaping is definitely here to stay. I actually thought another motorist’s vehicle was on fire the other day while sitting in the Sandton traffic with the amount of smoke that was pouring out of the driver’s window. Are you vaping, thinking of buying an e-cigarette or are you looking for something new?

Here is a collection of 10 Blogs to check out and find the best up to date information on Vaping and where to buy the best quality vape juices. Also have a look at one or two Vaping forums where you can join in discussions and get your questions answered on anything to do with e-cigarettes and vaping.

They are a growing forum of Vape enthusiasts that provides loads information. The newbie to e-cigarettes can get all their questions answered, with plenty of other issues discussed. They also provide relevant information about events and meetings that are happening. Competitions and give a ways are also a fun part of this E-cigarette forum website. Other discussions and information is available regarding hardware, accessories, mods, e-liquids and the various local and international vendors available.

Vape Africa is an online store and wholesaler; their products are also available at various stockists. Vape Africa is said to be one of the best E-liquid manufacturers found South Africa. They have an up to date news section and blog with great video tutorials and information. They offer video topics that include subjects like; Beginner’s instructions to e-cigarettes to more in depth how-to- guides.  Although based in Gauteng, they also supply stores around the country, including vape shops in Cape Town.

Vapor Vanity provides news on everything to do with vaping. Need advice on what product to buy, have a look at their review page to see if they can help you decide. This is a neat and informative website that you should visit for more information on vaping. Sign up to their newsletter and have new articles and news delivered to your inbox.

This is a popular site with an almost 5 star rating on Facebook and over 15000 followers. They have the latest products available and they talk about a range of topics in their blog. Looking for information about vaping, then paying a visit to this website should be on your list.

This is a large E-cigarette forum website. This part of the website offers blog posts from various contributors. You will find a variety of posts and topics from different sources. The site also offers a blog section with articles from

Vape Club International offers great reviews on products and plenty of information about Vaping. The Club is also a place to go and check out if you like to travel with your e-cigarette, offering advice on restrictions and laws you must know in other countries.

This website offers information on the top ten vape products. They have reviews and more detailed information on the top ten vaporizers available. Also great video reviews on each product. They also provide a collection of medical articles, with subjects like; ‘Vaporizing in Hospitals’.

Vape.Net is a great website to visit if you want information on Vaping. They offer you the latest news, product reviews and how to guides to Vaping and e-cigarettes. This is a great site to visit to get some good tips on vaping and just helping to inform people all about vaporizing. The site does have their own online shop and offers help with any queries you might have about vaping.

This sight claims to be the ultimate guide to vaping. They provide product reviews, beginner’s tips and informative articles about e-cigarettes and vaping.  You can also get some vaping tips and product reviews regularly if you subscribe to their newsletter. Their glossary section offers all the definitions and information you need from a-z about e-cigarettes and vaping.

This is a comprehensive site offering information and discussions on a variety of Vaping topics. Discussions ranging from help topics, mods and accessories, how-to- guides, DIY e-liquids and various deals that are on offer.